Degree Requirements

B.S., Major in Health Science

Major requirements:

In Health Science:
100 Introduction to Careers in Health Sciences
200 Medical Terminology
461 Seminar in Health Science

Cognate requirements:

In Biology:
111 Biology 1
112 Biology 2

In Chemistry:
111 General Chemistry 1
112 General Chemistry 2
221 Organic Chemistry 1

In Mathematics:
215 Introduction to Statistics and Probability

In Physics:
201 College Physics 1 or 211 General Physics 1
202 College Physics 2 or 212 General Physics 2

Five courses from among of the following:

In Biology:
216 Cell Biology
230 Genetics and Evolution
241 Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
242 Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
310 Developmental Biology
325 Animal Physiology
331 Principles of Nutrition
334 Microbiology
390 Pathophysiology

In Chemistry:
222 Organic Chemistry 2
324 Analytical Chemistry
430 Biochemistry

In Psychology:
112 General Psychology
218 Child Psychology

In Social Science:
102 Introduction to Sociology

The selection of upper division coursework should be done in consultation with the student’s major advisor and the appropriate four year plan for their chosen career path. Required and recommended courses for different professional graduate programs can vary widely.

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